More Enns on Inerrancy

A nice short read. Refreshingly honest, and speckled with the air of one who’s got a bird’s-eye-view for where this doctrine is heading—or should be—among Evangelicals.

“Inerrancy is encoded into the evangelical DNA, and conversations, however discreet, about its continued usefulness are rarely valued; more typically, considerable personal and professional fallout follows in due course.”

2 thoughts on “More Enns on Inerrancy

  1. I am reading an interesting book at the moment called ‘The bible made impossible’ by Christian Smith. Check it out on amazon. It is a deconstruction of biblicism as it is often found in evangelicalism. Is the word ‘biblicism’ familiar to you? I am sure the concept is… will have a look at what Enns says so long ;-)

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